Saturday, August 23, 2008

One Week

Dear Grant,

It's been a week since we had your memorial service. Time is moving on and I want to stop it. I want to go back to the night you were born, when I could hold you all night. Yesterday I had the overwhelming urge to feed you; but then I realized you are getting far better nourishment where you are now. You would be so proud of your big brother- he is taking good care of me. Everytime I am sad, he tells me "mommy, we will see baby Grant soon." Oh, if only we could all have more faith like a child!

As much as my arms ache to hold you, I wouldn't change things for you because you are so much better off than us all who remain here on earth. You are safe, loved, and cared for by your Creator. A mother couldn't ask for anything better for her son than that. But oh, how I miss your little nose and lips- and especially that soft little downy head. Pastor Mike described you best- you were the tiniest bundle of preciousness we've ever held in our arms. I look forward every single day to the moment when I get to hold you again in Heaven. There will be no more "goodbye." We will have forever to be together. Until then my sweet baby, rest in the arms of God. We will see you soon.

Your mommy

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