Friday, November 14, 2008

Three months ago

It's hard to believe our little angel came and went three months ago today. As far as I know, no one else remembered this, but then again I didn't expect anyone to. Jake and I spent the day running errands and playing games which helped it go by faster. I never did get my banana bread made, but that's the great thing about banana bread- the longer the bananas sit, the better the bread is! Hopefully, I will get to that tomorrow.

Last week, I was just too overcome with emotions to get on here and blog a whole lot. And with good reason- our second son would have been born and upstairs in his bassinet had he been healthy. (and to those of you who remembered this day - "THANK YOU!" ) But for some reason, this was not God's plan for him. So- we press on in the knowledge that one day we will understand all the reasons why.

Today, we are once again remembering...not only our loss, but also our gain. We have a beautiful boy waiting for us in Heaven. As the saying goes, "Some people only dream of angels...we got to hold one in our arms."

We are grateful for BOTH of our miracles and can't wait for the day when our family is reunited once again.

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  1. I can hardly believe it has been three months already. It doesn't seem that long has passed does it. Although the 14th was the day that we buried our sweet little boy, the date is never far from my mind. Even when you think no one if remembering you guys, know that there are two new friends in Atlanta that are thinking of you and grieving along side of you!
    Our due date is not until December 10th, so the hard week you had last week, is still to come for us. I am not looking forward to that at all. But, just as each day since August, the Lord provides doesn't He! Praying for you all.


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