Sunday, June 21, 2009


I just received word that the annual Walk to Remember our Babies will be held this year on October 17, 2009. Most of you probably remember that Jacob and I went on this walk last October. We were able to meet and walk with a wonderful family who lost their baby girl a few years ago. Two of my friends and their children also accompanied us.

If you would like to share in remembering our baby Grant, please come out and walk with us this day. We will be meeting in the parking lot of a church in the area and walking about a mile. After the walk, there is a special ceremony dedicated to the memory of the babies who left us too soon, along with a balloon release at the end. This year I am considering sharing the poem that my father wrote about Grant.

More details will be posted here on my blog as I receive the information. If you are interested in walking with us, please let me know this and also if you are interested in purchasing a shirt. I believe the Tshirts last year were around $10.00. Please note you do NOT have to purchase anything in order to walk.

Thanks for helping us honor our special little guy. And as always, thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

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  1. Jody we will be walking with you in memory of our Jody... I am still reading!


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