Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catching Up

After October's craziness and a bout of the PIG FLU, I'm back online. I started feeling crummy around the 19th of October, and the next day I was flat on my back with fever, chills, coughing, and just generally feeling crummy. The following morning I went to see the doctor, and after checking me out, he told me that since the swine flu was the only flu really going around right now, that was probably what I had. He did a nasal swab- and I am here to testify that nasal swabs are about as "unfun" as you can get. Two days later the results came in- Positive for Type A influenza. Since they didn't do bloodwork, they could neither confirm or deny the presence of a pig so to speak. (ok, so I watch Monsters, Inc. WAY too much) Tamiflu was then prescribed, as well as continuous Motrin and Tylenol. I was doing ok until I took the Tamiflu- that stuff made me vomit as well as give other unpleasantries. Isn't the whole point of medication to make you feel better?! The side effects only lasted a couple of days and soon after I began to feel a little more human again.

This past weekend was my first weekend out of the house since I had the flu, and it wore me out. It was a good tired though, I was just happy to see the sunshine. I took Jacob to school on Friday, and then we did some trick or treating on Saturday. Here are a couple photos of our little Optimus Prime:

Poor little Jake, we ran him ragged. When it was all over, he said, "At last!" And as soon as we got home, he had no problem finding his bed.

This week I began working part time. In fact, today was my first day. It was a little bit crazy/confusing, but all in all, it went pretty well. And because a year ago today was my due date for Grant, going to work helped me to be able to handle the day better. My job description at the moment, is "the lunch lady." (and I'm going to be doing some subbing as well, all at Jake's school) The kids are a great bunch of kids and I had no problems with them...unless you want to count the third grader who was trying to pour chocolate milk into a carton of strawberry milk...I laughed! Aww, back in the school setting again- just like riding a bike!

That's about all I have for now- maybe life will get a little more exciting as we head into the holidays. Ciao!

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