Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get some sense and do some centsable shoppin!!

A couple of weeks ago my neighbor introduced me to the world of Sheryl Cuevas, aka Creator of "Cent'sable Shoppin".  Thank God for good neighbors because I have saved so much $$$$ on groceries! And gotten a TON of extra freebies- such as, free meals, , free swirlo yogurt in a cone, free Chickfila, free McDonalds, free toothpaste, free pasta, and the list goes on!
Here's a pic of Jake with his FREE shaved ice-

I don't know about you, but I Loooove saving $$$$! Go check out Sheryl's blog  here. Even if you don't reside in AZ you can use her shopping tips and print out coupons for your zip code.  While you're at it, would you do me a HUGE favor and visit her Facebook page? If you click "Like" on her page, I can have another entry in the grocery store gift card giveaway she's doing in a couple days. Please let me know if you click "like" on her page so she can have the proof of a new referral.  I hope you get lots of freebies from here on out....Happy Shopping!

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