Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prayer Request

I was reading a blog that a friend of mine has started and I noticed there are quite a few other blogs that she follows. I clicked on one and began reading their story. As I read, I got pretty choked up because I saw such similar feelings in this woman that I see in myself. Our stories are different, but the anguish of loss is the same. This woman lost her husband to a car accident last month. They have a young daughter, and a baby on the way. Oh how I wish I could take away her pain...or at least give her a hug! The loss of my son has forever changed me in many ways. For starters, I want to find as many people that I can who have a need and just be a heart with ears for them. I want to hug every single person in the world who is going thru loss- but I know that it is humanly impossible for me to do so. This is where God comes in. He is able to put His arms around every single person who is walking through the fire. Although we aren't able to physically do this, we have the power to pray for those we meet along the way who are struggling and rest in the knowledge that God will take care of what we cannot. That being said, I wanted to bring Bonnie and her family before you all, and before the throne of grace. You will find Bonnie's story in the Blog section of this page. Her blog is entitled, "Sweet Caroline." Please let her know she is in your prayers if you feel led to do so.

Earlier this evening I was going through all of our sympathy cards trying to find an address of someone I wanted to correspond with. I came across a card with a bookmark still attached. There is a beautiful poem by Helen Steiner Rice on it that I'd like to share with you. It goes like this:

God is Never Beyond Our Reach
No one ever sought the Father
and found He was not there.
And no burden is too heavy
to be lightened by a prayer.
No problem is too intricate,
and no sorrow that we face
is too deep and devastating
to be softened by His grace.
No trials and tribulations
are beyond what we can bear
If we share them with our Father
as we talk to Him in prayer.
I hope this touches your heart as it did mine.


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  2. I can't remember how I came across Sweet Caroline's Blog but I remember reading about it and just crying. It is such a tragic accident. I don't know if I would survive that.


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