Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Time for Prayer

Tonight is prayer request night. I begin with Jenna. Jenna is my friend who God brought to my life through the deaths of our sons. (To read her full story, please click on Christopher Carter Spears to the right of my page) Jenna lost Carter back around the same time we lost Grant- if my memory serves me correctly, I think she was burying Carter the same day Grant was born.
Recently, Jenna became pregnant again; however it was yesterday that the doctors told her that at 8 weeks, her baby no longer has a heartbeat and she will miscarry within the week. I want to scream at the unfairness of it all. Where is the justice in all of this?! But in spite of the pain and suffering that is undoubtably hers, Jenna tells me, "we have to trust His heart even though we can't see His hands." Please pray for Jenna and her husband Brent that God will give grace, strength, and comfort as they walk this journey.

Second prayer request- Here is the email I received this evening from a friend of mine from college: "I write just to ask you to pray this week for the Smith family in Newport News, Virginia. Buddy Smith was my high school history teacher and coach for volleyball, basketball, and softball. He is the high school teacher I keep in touch with the most and always visit when back home in VA. Right now, he is dying of cancer; the doctor has given him 2-3 days. I visited him and his wife Bernice just after new year's last month, when he was desperately ill and just a few days away from more tests. Cancer through the lymph nodes, now in his lungs. He's given his life to teaching and coaching at Christian schools, always, always, always going the extra mile for us students.He & Bernice are a very happily married couple, who genuinely like and love each other and do everything together. He's only 57 or 58, and their unmarried 31 year old daughter Jenny lives in the same city as they while their married w/ children military son Jason lives in Oklahoma. He was supposed to arrive tonight, which is what everyone was hoping and praying Buddy can hang on for. Right now, Buddy is in so much pain when conscious that they have been basically keeping him asleep for long intervals through painkillers."

Third prayer request is for my friend Shelley. Shelley is going to be having some additional tests done for a suspicious spot that has been detected on her right ovary. We pray that it is nothing serious, and also that whatever it is, it will not be a hindrance in her trying to conceive her next child.

As always, thank you for your love and prayers, and for taking the time to read this blog. I love to read your comments- thank you for posting them.

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