Friday, July 10, 2009

Choir Rehearsal

I am just amazed at how fast the months go by. Here it is already the tenth of July and I haven't blogged since the end of June! So far, the month has been uneventful- Kris and I had dental appointments on the 1st. I was pretty apprehensive about this visit because the last time I got my teeth cleaned I was pregnant with Grant. The dentist knew the whole story, he is a wonderful and compassionate man who has also lost babies- one was an early miscarriage, and the other he never said other than he/she had the same condition as Grant. So when he heard that our baby had a fatal condition he most certainly did not want to give me X-rays on my teeth. Anyway, we went back last week and of course we do not have Grant so he was asking how things went. We shared our family picture with him so he could see Grant and you could tell he was very touched. He is just the sweetest man, and I wish everyone could have such a nice dentist! Incidentally, I also think he is cool b/c he decorates his office in horses! ;) The Fourth of July we drove down to Tucson to keep my dad company. Mom had flown to Albuquerque to see my sister so dad was all by himself. We informed him that we would come down and drag him to the fireworks. (he doesn't usually go) So here is a picture of him taking it all in: The next day was Sunday so of course we went to church. Going to church with my dad is kinda funny to me because he must make a stop at Dunkin Donuts every single Sunday before we get to the church. He orders the same thing every time that I have been with him- coffee, cream and sugar, and an old fashioned donut. If Jake is there he gets him some munchkins. It makes me laugh! This Sunday was no different, except that we were driving our Jeep rather than Dad's truck. We pull into the drive thru and the girl actually recognizes my dad in the back seat of our Jeep! How funny is that?! After we got our food/drinks we headed on to church.

The service began with a patriotic program from the adult and kids choirs. My sister in law sings in the choir so we got to see her sing, and my nephews were also singing in their choir. They were grinning from ear to ear as soon as they saw us sitting in the congregation.

They did a great job! As they were singing I
was the proud aunt, taking pictures and video clips. All of a sudden I stopped short as I saw this little blonde haired boy in the front row. He looked like he could be Jake's brother! (bottom row, white shirt, red tie in the pic above) I was immediately choked up and I watched him singing his little heart out. All I could think was I will never get to see little Grant singing in the choir like this little boy, and like I see my Jake. With that realization came another- While it is true I will never see my son sing on this side of heaven, I WILL see him sing in the choir when we get to Heaven! I begin to envision how he might look, enrobed in white, singing his heart out with a big smile. And I thought, maybe Grant is even rehearsing right now for the big day when we all get up there!! Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks as I pictured him, because I could see him as clear as day in my mind. O what a moment that will be! Today was one of those days where I was wishing that day were already here. Actually, I believe I wish that everyday, but more some days then others. But when I get that feeling of longing, I have to remember that there is much work to be done before that day comes. I pray that I will not lose sight of that. For me, I believe I am called to the work of ministering to other mothers who are heartbroken. Operation "Granting Hope" has truly given me hope and healing. (By the way, Granting Hope is now on Facebook. Click on our button to the left of this blog and become a fan!) There is much work to be done yet for Granting Hope; prayers, donations, and supplies are needed. This is not just my ministry- it is also Grant's ministry; for this is why he came to stay with us for such a short time. So until the day comes when the last Choir Rehearsal is given, and we are called up in the clouds and I see my little boy (or young man, however old he is in Heaven) run and take my hand; and I see him sing for the first time, I remain here, to do the work. My prayer is that other women will come to know His love and that they too will one day be able to hear their children sing!

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