Monday, July 13, 2009

They Will Be Remembered

There are so many organizations out there who have helped Kris and I on this journey. Most recent is an "organization" called "To Write Their Names in the Sand". It is run by a young woman (Carly) who lives in Australia who has also lost her infant son, named Christian. One evening Carly had a dream that she saw her little boy on the beach with two other children. As she looked she could see three names in the sand- and one of them was Christian's . When she woke up, she thought about what she would do and came up with the idea to drive the short distance away to the beach. There she began writing in the sand and taking photos. This was a year ago. Today she has written more than 4,000 names in the sand- all of babies and children who have left us too soon.

I came across Grant's name and memorial tonight- Kris and I both were in tears, it is so beautiful. It is also on Carly's site, There you can also view the memorial tribute we wrote for him.
Carly does this solely on donations, so if anyone out there feels moved to donate, I'm sure she would be grateful. I would imagine she uses a lot of fuel to drive back and forth to the beach so often!

I leave you with the image of our precious son's name- it is simply breathtaking. Thanks, Carly, for remembering our son!

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