Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of School

Well he made it to school this morning! Kris and I drove Jacob ourselves and were able to take a few pics. This one was taken in our front yard. Jake wanted to hold his water bottle. (he has to bring one each day of school, with his name on it)
His shirt says, "Calvary Christian School" on it and he is proudly wearing his new shoes too.

We signed him in, took more pictures, and gave him hugs and kisses and off we went. It is certainly a different story altogether to be on the other side of the door. Now I understand better why I had mommies and kids crying at my door when I taught first grade! LOL I myself almost lost it down the hallway, but was able to pull it together thankfully. Kris grabbed my hand and ushered me out quickly to the car and that was that! It's only PreK, what am I going to do when he goes all day everyday to K5???

So now I'm home, getting ready to go visit my neighbor, and counting the minutes till I get to go pick Jake up and take him to lunch! Can't wait!!


  1. What a big boy! I can't believe he'll be 5 soon.

  2. What a big boy you have. And Mrs. Chapman is an amazing teacher! He will learn so much!


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