Friday, August 21, 2009

Together is a wonderful place to be

August has been a crazy month. So far we've had two different "celebrations" for our angel son Grant. In between there somewhere we have been finishing up our Granting Hope baskets, school started and Jake was off to PreK. This week we are working on Jacob's big birthday bash for next Saturday, attending a Pampered Chef party for a friend, and church and another birthday party on Sunday. Yesterday there was no school for Jake, so we both got up early and headed off to Arizona Mills. Our good friend Kim was supposed to go with us, but she was up most of the night ill so she had to cancel at the last minute. We called a few other friends, but everyone was busy so we set off on our own. How I wish we could've had some company; for the minute we walked into the mall, I think Satan was there to greet us! We were passing by Burlington Coat Factory and there in the display window larger than life, was a baby nursery display- complete with the exact ABC bedding, wallpaper and wall art that we had picked out for Grant and registered for at Babies R Us. They also thought to place a baby boy manequin in the display to make it even better! I welled up, but kept on "truckin" on down to the Carters store. My mission was to find Jake some pjs that were shorts-- we live in the desert, yet all the stores think it's necessary to stock up on Fleece Pajamas every year. My son sweats all night in that stuff so we have to get him short sleeve cotton boxer shorts pjs.

We enter the Carters store and see that they are having a HUGE sale! Unfortunately, all the pjs were fleece so I began looking for jeans and fun stuff for my new baby niece Megan. I came across a table full of long sleeved shirts for boys marked at $6, so I ventured over to see if I could find something cute for Jake. The first shirt I picked up had a large monkey on it. I unfolded it and found that there was a much smaller monkey standing beside the large monkey and written across the shirt in HUGE letters was this: I'M THE BIG BROTHER. I immediately burst into tears. (thankfully there was hardly anyone in the store given it was so early) While I was pregnant with Grant, I used to tell Jake that when baby was born we would get him a cool "I'm the big brother shirt." (obviously that was before we got the news that our baby wouldn't be coming home with us) For several days after Grant's birth, Jake would ask "Mommy do I still get the Big Brother shirt?" and then cry when I told him no. So this is why I cannot handle seeing this type of shirt. A few minutes after I laid the shirt back down I called my sister- she always makes me feel better when I have those "dark times". She rarely even says anything- just listens to me vent and cry and then she tells me how much it all stinks and then we're good. Within a few minutes I had calmed down and we were discussing what size pjs for the little Megbug.

The remainder of the day was actually quite fun. We found some great deals and I spoiled Jake rotten. We went to eat lunch at the Rainforest Cafe (after reassuring him that we did NOT have to sit by the scary noisy elephants and monkeys) and shared a cheese pizza. We got a few fun pics while we were there.

(apparently I had my finger over the lens here- this is the alligator that moves and opens it's mouth and the kids throw coins at it)

Here is Jake sitting at our tiger table waiting on the food

Jake with the Rainforest Frog

After lunch, we walked around some more and found some great deals at the Disney Store. I finally found pjs with short sleeves, woohoo! Of course, Jake picked out the ones with Buzz Lightyear on them, however, they had every size but the size we needed so we settled for Lightning McQueen. These were $7.99 and then we found a Buzz sweatshirt for only $5, as well as a Buzz Tshirt, also $5 . I've decided half is birthday and half is for Christmas. So all of you mommies and grandmas should get yourselves to the Disney Outlet Stores and get your Christmas shopping in early!

We continued down to the Borders bookstore where we found some great little books for the twins' birthday party this weekend. Jake enjoyed sitting at the tables reading all kinds of books he found which made it easier for me to get my shopping done. He is doing great with his reading- it amazes me all the words he knows. The words he doesn't know, he can usually figure them out.

At the end of the day, I bought Jake an ice cream cone and a couple kiddie rides. The best part of that was that we actually made money on the rides! Who knew??? On one ride, an extra quarter fell out of the coin return, and the other ride started before I could get all the quarters in it! Soon after, we got back in the truck and headed home for dinner, bath, and bed! He sure slept great!

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