Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 6 of my Countdown to Thanksgiving

I am thankful for my pastor. He is in the photo here with Jake and Grant. I miss my pastor that I grew up with so much- those of you who know Pastor Aebersold know what I'm talking about. What I appreciated most about him was his wisdom, and his dynamic preaching. Every single message spoke to your soul.

Pastor Mike is a very close second to Pastor Aebersold. When he is serious, (he tends to get a little crazy sometimes- ha!) he exudes much wisdom as well. I can also tell you that you will never be bored in the service. Pastor Mike possesses that same dynamic style of preaching.

When you go through something as horrible as losing your child, you really want to have a pastor around who is going to be there, and who is going to care. As you can see in this photo, Pastor Mike CARES. How many people do you know who will sit in the hospital for almost 30 hours while you are having a baby?! Pastor and his wife sat with us, prayed with us, left for church and came back again after church, and back the next day and night until Grant was born. Not only did they stay for the labor and delivery, but they also stayed through recovery and after so they could hold our son. How many people do you know are brave enough to hold someone else's dead baby?! I will never forget when Pastor's wife took him and I saw the tears stream down her face. She loved our baby too.

Although they haven't known exactly what to say and what to do (and really, who does?) the important thing is they were there for us, and they cared. Throughout the last year of our grieving, Kris and I have cried numerous times in church, walked out of church, and many times have been absent from church. But every time, Pastor Mike just keeps saying how much he prays for us, and that we should do what we need to do to get through it- whether it be cry, or walk out, or not come- because deep wounds take time to heal.

I have no idea if Pastor Mike reads my blog, but if he is, then we want to say "Thank you, Pastor & Misty! We love you!" We are thankful.

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  1. I am so glad that you have a pastor like that. He seems to really care for his flock. I wish all pastors were that way. You are very lucky to have him!


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