Friday, January 8, 2010

Joy Comes in the Morning

I was going to blog all about our Christmas, but something has come up that I want to share first. (the Christmas blog will be coming soon)

For several weeks now, Jacob has been very inquisitive about the Bible, and Heaven. Actually, Heaven has been a big topic at our house since the fourth member of our family took up residence there. Jacob has two Bible story books, and he loves for us to read out of them many nights before he goes to sleep. When we got to the story of Heaven, he had a lot of questions- "Mommy, I don't know what's all in Heaven," and "Mommy, do they have Legos up there?" and "Mommy what does Grant eat up there?" and a thousand other questions or thoughts he has. Eventually, we came to the topic of how one gets to Heaven. He has known for some time now that Jesus is the only way to Heaven, and of course, he really wants to go and see his little brother; however, I really wanted to make sure that he understood what it really meant to be a Christian- and I wanted his daddy to be a part of it as well.

Several days before Christmas the topic came up in the car, and so I asked Jacob several questions- "What does sin mean?", "Who sins?" , etc. just to be sure he truly understood. At that time he wanted to ask Jesus to come and live in His heart, but since we were in the car I told him we would wait and talk to Daddy.

So this past Wednesday evening after church, we came home and Kris got out his Bible and talked with Jacob for quite some time, going over the same things I had and then asked Jacob if he was ready to ask Jesus in His heart. He said he was, but that he wanted mommy to come pray with him. So I came in the room and we talked to God together. When we were finished, he was so excited! I explained to him that the Bible tells us when a person has Jesus in their heart, the angels are singing in Heaven. At that point he asked if Grant, and Bro. Harold, and Bro. Dick were singing for him too! And, of course, I said they were! He had the biggest smile then!

I hardly have any words to describe the incredible joy I felt that night. How blessed I am to be this little guy's mommy! What a miracle he is, and just like his little brother, he is so very special- not only to us, but to the One who created him. I absolutely cannot wait for the day when both of our sons are reunited at last- both of them perfect and whole, and TOGETHER, running down the streets of gold. Can't you just picture it?!


  1. That is awesome! Praise God! We can't wait for our Brilla to know Jesus, too!

  2. What a great story and it's chronicled for him to remember, too! Thanks for sharing the good news!
    Cyndi Hayward

  3. Children are so sweet with all their questions and innocence! I love it!


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