Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Home Visit a Success!

We made it through our first caseworker visit this morning! Yay for us! We love, love, LOVE our caseworker! (good thing too, because we're going to see a LOT of her!) =)
I think she liked us too- it may have helped just a little that we had the coffee brewing, fresh from the oven chocolate chip coffee cake cooling, and scentsy warmer fragrance wafting through the house. Mmm Mmm, good! (I was a little sad though, that she'd already eaten breakfast so she wasn't hungry enough to sample the cake, but the important thing was how good it smelled, right?!)

Our caseworker's name is Summer. (There, now I don't have to repeat the words, "our caseworker" over and over again.) She is a beautiful lady who loves the Lord, and, of course, she loves working with birthmothers and children. We had a wonderful time of conversation, and just getting to know one another. Adoption is an AMAZING process. Summer has many stories to tell about her experiences in working with adoption. Every family, every adoption, is unique; and she explained how amazing it is to see God's hand in every one. How blessed are these children, really?! They will grow up with all kinds of love surrounding them and many times, even their birth families will come to know the Lord as they see the witness of a true Christian family. Adoption seems to be a mission field all on its own.

We also were able to share our testimonies of faith, why it is we want to adopt, and what qualities we possess that would benefit a child coming to live in our home. Once we began to share our life, it really became quite easy to connect with Summer; so the nerves we had this morning disappeared rather quickly. Summer has a six year old boy so she was able to connect easily with Jacob. He thinks she's pretty great because she knows all about Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen; and she really loved his dimples and funny disposition!

Our next step in this process is to begin the seemingly never-ending paperwork. I am not complaining though; I am happy to fill out the papers, I say, BRING IT ON! (Here is a pic of the folder of paperwork we need to fill out)
We will need to gather documents, get medical checkups, fingerprints, and a host of other things. We will begin seven weeks of classes in April. Upon completion of these classes, Summer will be here finishing up our homestudy report, enabling us to be granted our certification to adopt. It is at this time that we will be entered into the match book, where birthmothers will begin to look for a family that they feel connected to in the hopes that they will be able to find a wonderful loving family to parent their child. And somewhere in between all of that, we will be fundraising out the wazoo. We appreciate any helpful suggestions in this area. =) The first fundraising attempt will be a garage sale in April; so those of you who live in Arizona please feel free to bring over any items you have that you would like to donate for this cause. (you're welcome to come shop too!)

Thank you for your prayers, your love, and support as we travel this road together. This is your journey too, as many of you will get to know our new child, and your children will play with our child, and/or attend church with our child. Not every family is meant to adopt a child; but I believe that every family IS commanded by God to care for the orphans. Caring for the orphans can be anything from helping the kids in Haiti, to make sure no child you are aware of goes without love or something to eat, to helping someone you know adopt a child. The more we are learning about this process, the more we are understanding this responsibility we have as Christians.

I leave you today with this verse from God's Word: "And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me."
Please pray for this "little child" that will soon be a part of our family. We are excited to see just what little one God will send our way!


  1. I am so excited your first meeting with Summer went well. As you travel this road to adoption we are praying things run smoothly and as quickly as it can. I know it's a long process. We will be following every step of the way, praying and rejoicing in each process completed.

  2. Amazing!!! I can't wait to read all about your journey! My prayers are with you and the birth parents that everything will go as smooth as possible for you all!

  3. Oh, and your coffee cake looks amazing too!

  4. Kimberly Henderson GraingerFebruary 13, 2010 at 5:12 PM

    Bless you guys on your journey! We have an adopted niece and nephew, and, of course, a number of friends (many of whom you know!) who've adopted! We'll be praying w/you guys!


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