Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm printing a retraction

For the first time in my blogger history, I have to print a retraction.  It has been brought to my attention that one of the stillbirth facts I posted was incorrect.  Apparently, Arizona does have a certificate of birth/death for stillborn infants. I am very happy to hear this, and will definitely be getting one for Grant.  What angers me, though, is the fact that neither the hospital I delivered in, or the doctor who delivered Grant made mention of this fact.  I'm not too surprised though, seeing as how the doctor I had did not show any compassion for us, and he did not do the correct genetic testing that we had asked him to do.  Those of you reading this who live here in this area should take note that if you have either Dr. Eric Tutt or Dr. Lori McNeal as your ob/gyn, you really should consider switching doctors.  Dr. McNeal was my doctor-- she thought it best to abort Grant, never checked on me in the hospital after saying she would, and her office staff told me "Congratulations" at my six week postpartum checkup.  I could list a few more things, but for the sake of time will not. Dr. Tutt was the doctor who delivered Grant- and don't get me started on his lack of bedside manners.  I am now seeing a prolife doctor, and so far he has found two problems I have that the other doctor did not-- a genetic mutation, and a low thyroid.  So at this point, I am beyond thrilled to have a doctor who is more aggressive in his treatment,  his office doesn't treat me like I am just a number, and he has made it clear to me that he would NEVER suggest I terminate a pregnancy for any reason. 

Today I am at home, trying my best to stay in bed and get rid of a bad cold I've contracted.  I'm pretty aggravated with it because this month is a very busy month for me, not to mention the fact that I really can't afford to miss any work.  However, I will make the most of a bad situation and catch up on my blogging, rest, and anything else I can work on in a sitting or reclining position.  (maybe now I can finish up my GHM albums!)

As far as catching up on my blogging, not too much has happened since I last posted.  I think I mentioned we had gotten some painting done in our house. Actually, my dad came up and got some painting done.  I have painted most of the downstairs myself (it was my therapy after Grant died) but left a couple accent walls for my dad to do.  Kris and I had decided we wanted a red wall- actually, more like a brick red , and thought it best to leave that up to the professional. (my dad!)  So here are a couple before and after pics I hope you enjoy.

We love it- it makes the den so much more cozy feeling!!  We decided to take a few pics of Jake hamming it up with the red wall behind him. This kid is such a mess!!


  1. i LOVE that red color!!! I had a similar color in my kitchen when we actually owned a home(it's been awhile). But it's really pretty!
    Did your hospital not do a death cert. at the hospital or are you just talking about a birth cert? I got a death cert for Evan, but not one of birth.

  2. Melani, I didn't get any type of certificate at all.
    I ended up ordering a really pretty one online. (website in the resource booklet) But it's not anything official from our state or anything.
    So I'm going to order one soon.


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