Saturday, March 6, 2010

A time of rest

It is Day 7 of my time of lying around and feeling generally puny.  I had a doctor's appointment yesterday; however, all he told me was to wait it out and take Mucinex, and Afrin.  Don't you just love paying your co-pay, only to have a five minute exam and have the doctor tell you that "it's just a bad cold"?  Yeah, me too. Ha!

So for now, I am back home, missing work, feeling really bored, and using a lot of these....

And a lot of this...
  I'd like to thank everyone who has lifted me up in their prayers since I've been out sick. I'm feeling a little better and am looking forward to the day I feel 100% better!  (Although, it HAS been nice having my husband wait on me.  He is always so sweet when I'm not feeling well).  Our son has been bringing me juice, water, and reading me stories.  He says cute things like, "I'm just checkin on you, Mom. "  I just love him!! 
The doctor thinks I will see a big improvement by Monday- let's hope he's right!  Otherwise, I think I'm going to start climbing the walls...=)

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