Friday, April 23, 2010

God's Provision

As many of you know, we are holding our very first fundraiser for our adoption this Saturday, April 24th in the form of a garage/bake sale.  While I am pressed for time today,  I wanted to share a quick note about God's provision to us.
For several weeks now, we have sent emails and made phone calls to see if there were folks who would like to contribute donations to our garage sale.  Never in our wildest imaginations did we think this many people would respond.  From our friends and family, to our church family; from our angel mommy friends to people we've only just met -- people have come in droves and donated items and money- some have even donated more than once! Our goal is to make at least $500; well, I have a feeling we will get that and possibly more.
Seeing how God has provided has just solidified even more the fact that we are meant to adopt- what a special little girl this must be and we cannot wait to finally meet her!
I took some pictures this morning of our front room and garage.  I hope it makes your day as it has mine. Happy Friday, everyone!

Front room

Front Room

Half the garage; the other half also looks like this!


  1. Praying that it goes well for you guys and that you exceed your goal! *HUGS*

  2. That's amazing!!! Gave me chills reading about your little girl, she's waiting! :) Good luck!!!

  3. God is great! xxx Praying for you tomorrow! And you are right, I am sure she IS one incredibly special little girl, and very, very blessed to have you on the path to her.


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