Saturday, May 1, 2010

So far, no morning sickness; but the paper cuts are terrible!

I saw this on a Tshirt recently and thought it was funny.  How very true it is, too.  We haven't worked on our paperwork for several weeks because life has come up and we haven't had the time.  Since our first fundraiser went so well we have decided to take a small break and bust out the paperwork again.
I guess I would compare the paperwork to filling out a job application- only much longer!  There isn't just basic information, (ie, address, place of employment, etc) but there is also background information- some of it gets pretty personal.  You cannot just "throw down an answer" so to speak and be done with it.  There is some thinking involved. 
For example- How will you discipline your child?  Is the way you plan to discipline your child similar to how you were disciplined as a child? If so, please explain. How is it different than the way you were disciplined as a child?
Many of these forms require a lot of writing- which explains the cramp in our hands, AND the papercuts. =)

In addition to this paperwork, we also have homework from our class each week.  Again, much of that requires some thought.  Do I sound like I'm complaining? I hope not; it really doesn't bother me.  In fact, it has been very helpful in many ways.  Our agency wants to be sure that we are completely prepared- mentally, emotionally, and spiritually- to be able to go through this painstaking process. 

As difficult as the last two classes have been emotionally,  I feel it is for the best.  We have learned so much about our feelings of grief and loss- these feelings are natural, normal, and expected.  Most importantly, they are essential to the healing process and to help us to continuously be moving forward with our lives.  

When the time comes to meet the mother of our precious child, we all will be so much more prepared having been through this process.  She will come to the table with feelings of fear, and the pain of loss- as will we.  For all we have been through, we will now be able to relate so well to her feelings.  I hope that no matter where the cards may fall, she will be able to see Jesus in us.  How much more miraculous can it get than that?!

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  1. Jody, I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I was thinking about you and little Grant today. I'm hoping your Mother's day is a blessed one. lovingly, Kristie


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