Thursday, June 10, 2010

Newest Name Gallery Pics

I just wanted to come on real quick and share the latest "Grant" name gallery photos.  There's nothing an angel mommy likes better than to see her child's name in a thousand different ways.  So I was thinking I would like to make an official request-  Grant's second birthday in Heaven is coming up in two months.  I would love to see many more pics of Grant's name- it can be as simple as spelling his name out with magnetic letters.  You can also get ideas by clicking above on "Grant's Name Gallery".  I think it will be fun to see how many I get by the time his birthday gets here.  Thanks in advance for participating- it means more than you know.

These two pics were made by Laura, of  I thought they were beautiful.  And yes, that's a s'more you see.  I craved and ate tons of s'mores while pregnant with him.  I sure hope they have s'mores in Heaven b/c he really loved them. =)

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  1. Those are so cute Jody! I loved that the smores where included in the pic too, it makes it so much more personal! I'll try to get around to making you a name gallery pic! *HUGS*


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