Saturday, November 6, 2010


So have you seen that the premiere of the new series "Downsize" starts tomorrow?  I'm really excited to check it out because that is the story of our life right now. (more on that later)

One of the ways we have been "downsizing" is our grocery bill.  Our friend (and neighbor!) introduced us to the world of couponing.  Now I have couponed throughout the years, but NOTHING like we are doing now.  Basically, we follow the blog of a wonderful person who does so much work in the way of store matchups, as well as posting where we can clip or print coupons.  You can check it out yourself HERE.

Now you would think that one would basically purchase a bunch of "junk" food through this method of couponing. That is simply not true.  For example, I have gotten things like organic milk, organic granola bars, sobelife water,  organic soup, organic canned diced tomatoes and whole wheat pasta for FREE.  Basically, you just have to wait and watch for those things to come up on sale- and then use certain coupons or catalinas to get them free. (What are catalinas?-- you will have to check out the blog to see)

So tonight my husband went out (he has taken over as grocery shopper at our house! and I am LOVIN IT!)  and he saved more than either of us have ever saved-- 93%!! I just have to say how excited I am that we are pocketing our own money rather than give it to the grocery store- and it can go towards bringing our little girl home very soon!!

Here's a pic and a list of what we got--71 items for $12.00!!!!!

10 Smart Ones
4 Cool Whip
16 Gatorades
1 Thanksgiving Turkey
2 Bags Nestle Baking Morsels
1 Bag Pecans
1 Sara Lee Whole Grain Bread
4 Secret Deodarant
4 Colgate Toothpaste
1 Clorox Travel Wipes
2  Three Packs of Wrigleys Five Gum
1 Bag of Unbleached Flour
2 Boxes Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Spaghetti
1 Box Ronzoni Smart Taste Angel Hair
1 Box American Beauty Quick Cook pasta
1 Welch's Grape Juice
2 Olay Body Wash
2 eight pack of Olay Bar Soaps
1 Annies Organic Mac n Cheese
9 Cans Chunky and Select Harvest Soup
1 Best Life Butter
1 Frys 4 Stick Butter
1 Canola Oil
1 Florida's Natural Orange Juice
1 Dole Salad

I am just FLOORED at the savings; and just as aggravated at how much money I have wasted all these years on food.  Yes, I am still able to buy fruit and veggies-- sometimes those are free too- just depends on sales/coupons/catalinas.  The important thing- we have cut our grocery bill almost in half now. And we hope that it will go even lower than that!!

I encourage you to try it a few times, and see how it works for YOU!!

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  1. Oh My GOSH! You did GREAT! Love it!!! He did wonderful on his trip!!! Is he on a coupon high?! :) :) :)


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