Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's November!

Wow, is it really November? And has it really been this long since I've blogged?!  CRAZY. We've had lots of interesting happenings in our household--  pumpkin patch trip, two trips to see my parents, Grant's Remembrance Walk, visits from out of town friends, and most importantly-- Jake lost his first baby tooth!  It was loose on a Sunday, and fell out on Monday! Is it too much to ask that they all go that quickly and easily??? Probably! But we can hope!

Here is a picture of a very excited Jake with his missing tooth-

It's looking like the adult tooth is making it's appearance!!
In other news, we now have an appointment set up with our adoption caseworker for Monday, November 8 to begin our home visits!! We are very excited, since this brings us another step closer to our child; however, we a just a TAD bit nervous too.  We have been blessed with a very friendly and understanding caseworker though; so that definitely helps me feel better about it.

So this week is all about getting the house clean and orderly and preparing our hearts for the great interrogation!!! Ha!!
And in the meantime, we keep working our fundraisers and planning new ones because we still got LOTS of moolah to raise!! If you want to help, please see the right side of this page where I have posted the site buttons for our coffee and tshirt fundraiser pages. 

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