Friday, January 14, 2011

Day One of the Twelve Day Diet

Well, folks, the day is done and now it's time to write about it.  Kris woke up early this morning so that he could fix us breakfast. (Sweet man!)  We had steel cut oatmeal; I topped mine with cinnamon and nutmeg.  For beverages, I had a small cup of vanilla flavored soymilk; Kris had orange juice.

Morning snack: all natural cereal bar made with real fruit juice, Barbara's Bakery brand. Kris had no snacks at work. HOWEVER, one of his coworkers was having a birthday and brought in some of these:

Poor Kris.
He told his friend that if he were to partake of the donuts his wife would be upset at him for breaking his diet...good thinking, honey!!

Lunch Fast Pizza, water to drink-- this was a pita bread cut in half. It was too thin to cut it into circles, as the book suggested; so I cut it in half and then pulled apart the pocket. It looked like a butterfly after I finished cutting it!
Topped the pita with tomato sauce, oregano, & basil; and chose mushrooms, green peppers, alfalfa sprouts and a little bit of soy cheese for the toppings. Baked for ten minutes-- YUMMY! Ate with Terra Exotic Veggie Chips, which I might add, Kris only paid $1.00 for! These are excellent, root vegetables, no oils and extremely low in salt. You should try them!
Here is a photo of the "Butterfly" pizzas (the bottom pizza ripped so that one doesn't look like a butterfly anymore):

Afternoon snack  Rice crackers and half a banana Water to drink. No snack for Kris. (poor guy he didn't know what to eat) Oh, and I forgot to add that Kris had fruit and carrots for lunch. Water to drink. 

Dinner Spicy Chili Beans. I had water to drink; Kris had V8 Fusion Raspberry & Green Tea.  Wow, what a filling meal this was! And delicious too! Tasted just the chili I make, but minus the meat and more veggies added. Served over brown rice. I must confess I ate TWO bowls of the stuff.

Dessert!!!!  Strawberry Frozen Fruit Dessert
This tasted just like a Jamba Juice smoothie!! All you do is mix a can of crushed pineapple with a bag of frozen strawberries and a couple frozen bananas (just peel bananas and wrap in Saran wrap; freeze for at least 12 hrs) in a blender. (mix in fruit a little at a time or you will kill your blender)
Pour into little dessert cups and freeze for 15-30 minutes and VOILA! You got yourself a healthy little frozen cup of Heaven! You have GOT to try it! Jake loved it-- he kept exclaiming how AWESOME it was the whole time he was eating it! I feel: aside from a small headache I had earlier in the day I feel great! It was so nice not to have to have my usual stomach cramping after I finish a meal. You know, the kind of cramping that sends you RUNNING to the nearest bathroom! Kris said he didn't feel any different; he did feel hungry all day, but that will soon be remedied now that I had time to show him what all we have in the cupboard that he can take to work with him.

I almost forgot to post our beginning weight-- Kris came in at 176 lbs (this is on the Wii Fit board, btw) and I haven't weighed myself yet because Jake is on the Wii. I will have those numbers tomorrow.

Check back tomorrow for Day Two!

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  1. Yikes. I hope it's worth it. Doesn't sound very appetizing. Is poor Jake partaking in this too? lol.


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