Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Twelve Day Diet

Because of some recent health concerns that Kris and I have encountered- and most recently, some results from the doctor that Kris received concerning his cholesterol, we have made the decision to try a vegan diet. I cannot say right now if this is a permanent change, mainly because we do not know yet how our bodies will react and/or adjust to such a diet.  For now, we will try it for twelve days.

Since you may be wondering why we are going vegan for TWELVE days, I will tell you! My dad went on this diet some years ago and it worked wonders for his health. The diet itself comes from a book entitled, The McDougall Program, 12 Days to Dynamic Health.  Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:

"Building on the idea that the traditional meat-rich American diet is hazardous to our health, Dr. McDougall has developed a medically sound, low-fat, starch-based diet that not only facilitates weight loss but also reverses serious illness, without drugs, and provides a broad range of dramatic and lasting health benefits."

Last night, Kris and I went shopping to get the food we need for this program.  Sprouts is a wonderful farmer's market/health food store that we have here in Arizona; and they are well stocked with just about anything you need. The produce is usually very inexpensive- so much so that I regularly shop for my produce there.  As we left the store, it felt really strange walking to the car with a cart full of produce, low carb whole wheat tortillas, and whole wheat pita bread.  However, we both feel very strongly that it is a necessity at this time for us to "live to eat; rather than eat to live."

Just what does "going vegan" mean? It means you must cut out meats, dairy of ANY kind, and processed foods.

We are also cutting out oils, refined sugar, and salt. We will be eating a lot of beans, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
(and alfalfa sprouts, but don't tell Kris!)

Our twelve day challenge begins TOMORROW.  I hope you will stick around and see how we do. I will try to post what we are eating each day, along with how we are feeling. I am excited to see changes!!

As for tonight??? I know you are wondering--- are we gonna pig out before tomorrow?? Well...YEAH!!!! Tonight we are having boneless chicken wings, with ranch dressing, french fries, and celery and carrot sticks!! ( see, there are veggies in there!)

Happy Eating!!

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