Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Story of Us

Well, we are all moved into the rental house. Now that the initial shock and other emotional feelings are over with, I really am okay with it all. In fact, this little house is growing on me. Now there is no way all my pictures are going to fit on the walls, but that's okay too. I can put up some and leave the rest packed for when we move a year or less from now!! As soon as I get everything decorated, I plan to post a few photos.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. With the exception of some sickness and the craziness of moving, ours was pretty nice. We drove down to my parent's house and celebrated with our family there.

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Kris and I spent unpacking some more; and celebrating our eleven year anniversary of our engagement. I cannot believe that it has been that long! It feels like we have been together forever though; and I cannot imagine what I ever did before we met one another. Well, I can, but I like life AFTER we got together better, so I choose not to imagine it!

We met on a sunny spring day after church. Kris had just moved 45 minutes away from me, and had come to our church to visit his aunt. Seen here in this photo with Jake:

At the time, Aunt Gail and I sat beside each other in choir sometimes and she had informed me of her nephew and how she thought we made a perfect match. My thoughts were, "yeah right, everyone thinks their nephew and I would make a perfect match!" I was 27 and still single- so lots of folks wanted to try their hand at matchmaking.

So one particular Sunday, Aunt Gail's husband ended up being the one who introduced us first- and I remember thinking that he was pretty good looking. However, I really didn't give it much more thought than that. I was courteous, then excused myself to go work in my classroom on the other side of the building.

Not too long after that- I think it was a few weeks- some friends and I were planning a trip to Maine. We were going to have a big Memorial Day party with our singles Sunday School class soon and we wanted some of this:

 Crazy, since we lived in Northern Virginia; but that's the kind of stuff you do when you are single- CRAZY stuff!  So the plan was to leave after everyone got off work on Friday night. Then, we would drive through the night and the next morning until we arrived in Maine- we figured it wouldn't be too hard to find someplace that would sell us lobster and shrimp!  At the last minute, one of the guys found out he had to be on call during that weekend; consequently he would be unable to accompany us on our little "excursion." As my friends and I were discussing this after church one evening, Aunt Gail just happened to walk by and eavesdrop hear of our unfortunate dilemma. She quickly piped up, "I bet Kris would go with you!" CONVENIENT, Aunt Gail!! And she stood there, all confident with herself, smirking...

So, long story short, we gave Kris a call and told him to meet us promptly after work Friday night. FINALLY! The trip to Maine was ON again- my roomate, myself, friend Byron, Kris, one Mercury Mountaineer, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Check back tomorrow night for Part Two to see what happened! Sorry, friends- it's late, and I am TIRED!!

To be continued,

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