Monday, January 3, 2011

The Story of Us- Part 2

We left for the Maine trip that Friday evening as planned.  And what a trip it was! I remember falling asleep in the front seat as Byron was driving (and the way he drives I have no CLUE how I fell asleep) only to wake up around 6 a.m. to find that Kris had taken over the driver's seat. I believe we were driving through Boston at this leg of the trip. We chatted for awhile and at some point the other two woke up. Sometime later we stopped at some quaint little place for breakfast just inside the state line.  The rest of the day we spent driving around looking for those lobsters and shrimp- and, a couple little shopping detours at a flea market and touristy town.  Most of the details of the rest of our trip are a little sketchy- after all, it's been eleven years! I do remember we all stayed overnight in some hotel; the guys bringing me and my roomie Tanya (who was also my best friend) dinner to our room; and another stop on the way home to an antique shop in NY.  Somewhere in all of that Tanya and I would discuss whether or not we though Kris was interested in me.  You know how that is, girls...=)  What I did know for sure, was that we had lots of fun together.

We all got back to VA in one piece and had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with all of our friends- and of course, our LOBSTERS!! We even boiled those bad boys ourselves! (well, I didn't, but some of the other more brave souls did!)  After the party it was time for me to go home to visit my parents for the summer. Before I left, though, Kris came out and asked me if I would like to go out sometime when I got back in the fall! Well, YEAH!! Wasn't gonna turn that one down!!

What a long summer THAT was!! And true to his word, Kris asked me out to a baseball game when I got back in town. And the rest, I guess you could say, is HISTORY. That was in August; first kiss happened in September, and he told me he loved me in October. We had long talks about a future together- for awhile I had a lot of reservations. I had gotten my heart broken once before--and it took me YEARS to get over it. I wasn't about to just dive in headfirst until I was absolutely sure, thank you very much!! But there were so many signs that he was the right one-and for the most part, all I did was sit back and let everything happen, bathing it all in MUCH prayer.

We began to talk about marriage toward the end of October. I was wondering if I would get a ring for Christmas that year...
And then Christmas came and went...

To be continued...

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