Friday, February 25, 2011

Fundraiser SUCCESS!

Just a little update on how our latest fundraiser went.  After two weeks of selling Tupperware to benefit our adoption we pulled in $1,092!! Now, our goal had been $2,500 so that we could make a profit of $1,000; however, with the exception of two, every last one of our "helpers" (those who had taken a packet and agreed to collect orders for us) got sick, so we ended up doing most of this fundraiser ourselves and were only able to pull in $1,092 retail. That said, our profit will be a little over $400-- which is the best we have ever done on a fundraiser, with the exception of our adoption garage sale. On top of that, we received a sizeable donation from a family friend.

I know that this was a direct answer to prayer; because when I stopped stressing about it and gave it over to God to work out, He worked it out better than I could have imagined!  To those of you who participated in this fundraiser, we want to let you know how much it meant to us.  We can't wait to tell our daughter just how much people loved her and did everything they could to help her get here!!

God bless,


  1. That is fantastic! God is able to do way more than we can imagine. We were able to raise $335 through a Thirty-One Gifts fundraiser. The party sales total was $1300, and I had gone into it feeling like we would be 'lucky' to get a $500 party out of it. Praying for you!


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