Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Did you remember the CAMERA??

Yeah, that was the question of the evening last night.  On one of the biggest nights in our child's life- KINDERGARTEN graduation- we forgot the camera.
Actually, it was K.R.I.S. who was in charge of bringing the camera. And bless his heart, he tried so hard- he charged the battery all day, he cleared the memory card...and then my parents walked in the door. Between that and getting Jacob dressed, making sure we had the teacher's gifts and Jacob's graduation cards in hand- well, the camera got left on the table.

We got all the way to school- which is now 29 miles away since we moved last December- before I remembered to ask my husband if he brought the camera. He didn't even answer- the look on his face said it all. There was nothing we could do. By the time we went anywhere to buy one, we would miss part or all of the graduation. It was not until the whole thing was over that I remembered that one of our GOOD FRIENDS who lives RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE SCHOOL would have been happy to lend us her camera!! UGH! Where was my brain?? If you find it anywhere, please let me know!

We got a few pics with our cell phones; and one of the other parents promised to tag us some photos on Facebook. All in all it was a wonderful evening- we were so proud of Jacob! He learned the whole program in a week's time! (if you remember, I homeschool him; and he only goes to school Friday mornings for Chapel and P.E., with the exception of the last month where they allowed him to come the entire morning on Fridays.)

They sang songs in English AND Spanish, signed the entire alphabet with their clue words in sign language; they called out words that the teacher signed to them, quoted Psalm 23, and more. What bright little scholars we had there! They were just too cute! And I just sat there with tears running down my face, thankful for that little miracle that came into our lives six years ago. He is just so precious!

After it was all over we had cake outside, posed for more pictures, and then it was off to Barros pizza with grandma and grandpa! What a great and memorable night it was!

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