Thursday, June 9, 2011

CARS 2 and Heatstroke!!

It was Monday, June 6...Jake and I were on our way to see three of the cars from the upcoming movie, CARS 2. WOOHOO!! We were SUPER excited! Jake had already seen Lightening McQueen and Mater two years ago at Disneyland, but he was happy to go see them again. Now, he was also going to get to see one of the new CARS- Finn McMissile - so he couldn't wait to get there and see the "blue car".

Now you would think since we lived in the DESERT, and the forecast was calling for pleasant HOT crazy temperatures, they would hold this event indoors with the air conditioning CRANKED. But No! We pulled into the parking lot to see hundreds of folks standing in a line OUTDOORS.  Well, I put her in "park" and we got out and walked quickly to the line. I figured at the stroke of one that they would move the line through quickly since that was the time the event was scheduled to open. NO, SIREE! We stood in line almost TWO hours before we got in to the actual event! At that point sunburn was setting in, sweat was pouring down our bodies and I'm sure we smelled just like strawberries!  But hey, we met some interesting people in line and got to hear a bunch of babies and toddlers screaming from exhaustion!  This was one day where I was thankful to have an older child with me- of course, had I had a baby or toddler I'm sure I would have left long before we got to the front.

Jake was happy and thought it was all worth it and that's what counts, right?! He got a Lightening McQueen tatoo, magnet, and CARS 2 poster which we just HAD to hang on his wall the MINUTE we got home.  Here are the photos that were taken on site- please keep in mind we have just waited in the sun for nearly two hours before you make your judgments on how utterly FABULOUS we look! HA!

And that's a WRAP, folks!

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  1. That's too fun....maybe! They were in Dallas a week ago. Heard it was a 2 hr line here, too. We chose not to go. ;)


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