Wednesday, December 5, 2012

She's Here!!

Well, we finally got "The Call". It's a really funny story, actually. I was at an ASCI teacher's conference in Tempe, AZ on Friday, October 19th. Since this was the second day of the conference I only had to be there a half day on Friday. My husband had sent me a text picture of our son because he had suddenly broken out into an awful rash that covered most of his body. So the last couple hours of the conference I had a hard time concentrating because I was concerned about our son. As soon as the conference let out I got in the truck and headed home as quickly as I could. After awhile, we decided we should call our primary care physician and see if we could squeeze Jacob in for an exam to see what was causing his rash. (turns out it was just from the antibiotic he was on at the time)While I was on the phone making the appointment, I heard my phone beep but I ignored it since I was on the other line. Here it was the adoption agency, and I didn't know it! In the meantime they called my husband's phone and let him know that there had been a baby born the night before and her birthmom wanted to place her for adoption and were we interested?! WERE WE INTERESTED??!! What kind of question is that?! hahaha Well, we were supposed to call them back as soon as Kris talked to me and we made a decision. He comes out to tell me that we had a call and it took me a couple of minutes to realize what he meant! So we called the agency back and told them "yes of course we are interested" and they said they wanted us to be at Banner Thunderbird Hospital asap. Well first off, that's over an hour away. Secondly, we had yet to take Jake to the doctor. Needless to say I was an emotional wreck trying to get him to the doctor and concentrate on all of that!! (I'm thinking wow can this be real, and oh no, we aren't all prepared,!! among other things!) So fast forward to the hospital- the birthmom wanted a closed adoption, therefore, we didn't get to meet her. It was kind of nice not to have that anxiety of meeting and talking to her, yet I was sad because of Sabrina because I feel it's so important for her to have her birthmom in her life. But there is nothing we can do so we will just have to help her cope with all of that later on when she is old enough to understand. By all accounts, everything went smoothly in the hospital and we were able to enjoy being there and holding her and loving on her every second that we could. We were so blessed to have our friends put us up for the night in town so everything worked out very smoothly and we were thankful for that. We named our baby girl ourselves- Sabrina Hope. I think the name speaks for itself and why we chose it. She is living proof that there can still be hope after suffering. We just love her to pieces and we are enjoying every minute with her! Please be in prayer that we find her birthfather very soon, or if we don't that our 60 day wait period goes quickly and at that time the court will sever his rights. As always, thank you for your prayers and support!

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