Friday, August 29, 2008

A poem sent to me from a dear friend

Dear Lord, one precious baby there with You belongs to me-
A perfect, tiny wonder whom I long so much to see.
So recently within my life my baby took a part;
And yet, my baby holds so large a place within my heart.

Today that place is empty- just a memory there
Of sweet anticipation of a life I'd hoped to share.
'Twas You Who took my baby home to be with You above;
Please may my empty, broken heart find comfort in Your love.

Remind me, in my loss, the child I love feels only gain-
For You saw fit to spare my child from sorrow, fear, and pain.
No tragedy will ever fall upon this little life,
No lonely moments, no distress from unkind words or strife.

Nor shall my baby ever feel the struggle from within,
For in my baby's heart today there's not a trace of sin.
Oh, loving Lord, Who chose to spare my child from all of this,
When heavy is my heart, just let me glimpse my baby's bliss.

And may I joy in knowing that my baby is with You--
For living in your presence is what I, too, long to do!
So from this day, may this my new anticipation be:
One day I'll see my baby who went home ahead of me!

-author unknown


  1. The poem is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. And thank you for the living testimony you are to Jesus Christ. When He choose you for this trial, He knew what He was doing. You have shown such strength in such a difficult time and we know the Lord is honored through your testimony. We continue to uphold you in our prayers and trust you feel the love of so many who love your family.

  2. I love what this says... it so speaks my heart's cry.
    I love your pictures that you have of grant. They are so precious. though I cry every time I see them, it's nice to weep over someone else's child as well as mine. does that sound bad?? I hope not, It's just nice to know someone shares this sorrow and knows what it feels like.
    I'm praying for you!!
    Love, Casey


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