Thursday, September 4, 2008

Three Weeks

It's been three weeks today since we held little Grant in our arms. Time seems to pass so quickly, yet in our hearts it seems to drag on and on. Things are slowly getting back to normal, though for us it's a new normal I guess. I have been really sick for over a week now and wondering if I'm ever going to fully recover from the C section.

We are also waiting for test results to come back from the chromosomal studies we had done on Grant when he was born. While the doctors think it's a possibility Grant succumbed from the umbilical cord wrapped three times around his neck, we are all still fairly certain he indeed suffered from a chromosomal disorder. We could see that he had two little webbed fingers on each hand- they were still adorable in our eyes though! His weight was another issue- he should have weighed at least 2 pounds at 28 weeks- he only weighed 13.9 ounces. These and the other issues we posted on our caringbridge site made it apparent to us that he was probably a very sick little boy. I know that we all have wondered the reason why this had to happen- but we are happy that Grant is no longer sick. He is in no pain, enjoying the wonders of Heaven.

I have listed a couple of links to the right of this page of two little boys who are also enjoying Heaven with Grant. Please check them out and put these two families on your prayer list. Carter went to Heaven July 10 and Asher went to Heaven Aug. 9, just a couple of days ahead of Grant. These two families have been a real encouragment to us- it helps us all to know that we are all in this together and lifting each other up before the Lord in prayer.

Thank you all for thinking of us and praying for us in the days to come. We need prayers for the following:
  • that Jody will continue to heal from the C section
  • that Kris will be able to concentrate better at work
  • for strength to go back to the funeral home and pick out Grant's marker
  • for daily strength and healing

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  1. I'm having the same thoughts of wondering why asher had what happened to him and yet had a clear amnio...
    Also, fourth week of post c-section is a lot better then the previous ones!! I finally started slowly walking on the treadmill and that's helped so much. it hurts a little at first, all those ligaments and muscles... you gotta give them time and use them slowly but surely!!

    Praying for you!

    Love you.


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