Thursday, March 12, 2009

In Loving Memory of my friend, Karen

It's been a very long and difficult day today- and not just for me. A very sweet and wonderful family is hurting tonight and needs your prayers. My dear friend, Karen went to Heaven today. (far left in the picture) She leaves behind a caring, loving husband, Eric,and four sweet sons, Matthew, Michael, Luke, and Jonathan. There are just no words at a time like this. So we pray, and we remind ourselves that God is still on the Throne and in control. We remember to "trust His heart when we can't see His hands", as another of my friends recently said.

Karen and I first met at Pensacola Christian College back in the fall semester of 1989-- and I'll never forget it. She sat behind me in our very first education class with the unforgettable "Dr. Y"as our teacher. Dr. Y used to get onto me about my quiet voice b/c as a teacher you can't have a quiet voice. Karen was so sympathetic and would always tell me not to worry about it and just do my best. And we've been friends ever since. After I graduated from college, (I had stayed an extra two years for Graduate work) I ended up teaching at the same Christian school as Karen, and attending the same church. I taught first grade, she taught second. We sometimes took our classes on field trips together, and many times our classes were at lunch and recess together. We had some great conversations, and some fun times laughing at the kids' funny antics. Five years later, Karen drove up to NY (which was another thing we had in common, both from NY State) for my wedding. She played the organ for the ceremony and did a beautiful job! I remember her apologizing up and down though for forgetting the duet with my brother and a friend of ours. I just thought it was funny- I mean, it's a wedding, something has to go a little crazy or it's just not a wedding, right?!

And that was the last time I got to see her. The one time Kris and I were able to go back and visit, I was really sick and just didn't feel well enough to visit the church while we were there visiting some other friends/family. But happily, we found each other on Facebook several months ago, and were able to reconnect. She is my hero--- she was more concerned about me and my losing Grant then she was about herself. And that is why I know without a doubt that she checked on my son in Heaven today for me.

Karen fought breast cancer for about three years. She fought very courageously, yet all the while surrendered to what God's plan was for her life. She was a wonderful wife and mother, sister, daughter, and friend. Karen, you will be greatly missed, eternally remembered and forever in our hearts. Rest in peace, my friend, for you are at Home, healed and whole.


  1. I'm still praying for Karen's family, especially for those boys and her husband. What a blessing she was to all who knew her. All my love to you Jody <3

  2. Jody, you said all this so well. We are mourning Karen's loss as well as rejoicing at her healing. I didn't know her near as well as you and so many others, but well remember how kind she was to me and how friendly and unselfish she always was. Heaven is truly that much sweeter, yet again.

  3. I'm praying for you and for Karen's family. ~Jaime


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