Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Fun

Well, I'm finally feeling better.  After many calls to the doctor,  he called me back and left a message that he would fax me a prescription for an antibiotic.  About three hours later, we discovered he had faxed the prescription to the wrong Walgreens!  But we were able to track it down and now I'm in good shape.

We celebrated my feeling better by taking Jake to Peter Piper Pizza this past Saturday night. We had some leftover tickets from a previous trip, plus the tickets we won that evening; on top of that, a little boy came up to us and handed us his tickets- very adamantly stating that he wanted us to have them because he was leaving.  He wasn't interested in saving them either; so Jake made out pretty decently with these treasures:

It was a great night, filled with lots of fun, games, and of course, pizza!  I think it's something that we need to do a lot more of; so I suggested to Kris that we try to take Jake out somewhere fun like this at least once a month.  Let me know if any of you have any suggestions!

In other news,  we are good to go for the adoption classes, beginning next month.  We are required to attend all seven classes in order to receive our certification to adopt.  I'm really excited about it- I've looked over the class topics and they look to be pretty informative. The only one that makes me nervous and emotional is the class on infertility and loss;  I'm thinking I will be bringing some extra tissues to that class.

We are also going to begin fundraising next month.  We have scheduled a garage sale with all funds going to our adoption.  So far we've received a pretty good amount of donations; but we could definitely use more.  If you live in our area and would like to contribute to the donations, please contact us on our email,
We will be happy to come by and pick those up at a time that's convenient for you.

Thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf. This is going to be a long journey; the good news is we are used to long journeys. We know it will all be worth it when we finally get to bring our little one home.

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