Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vacation Time---PART 2!!

I believe I left off the last post with our Sonic visit. So here we are sitting in our parking spot, with Kris telling the voice in the speaker what we would like to order. He ordered the brown bag special, and one kid's meal. I heard him specify that we would like french fries APPLES and at the end of the order Kris said again, "Be sure you make that APPLES with the kid's meal." To which the voice said, "APPLES, we got it." After what seemed like an hour, this young woman comes out with our meals. She proceeds then to read the receipt out loud to us: "One brown bag special with no onion, 2 Dr. Peppers, one kid's grilled cheese meal with APPLES and a chocolate milk." Kris said, "Thank you very much" and handed her a tip. (he felt sorry for her b/c it was very windy and chilly outside) As we get down the road a few miles I decided to look in Jake's bag to see what toy he got. Low and behold, I see the toy and a bag full of APPLES french fries! As I gave Kris the bad news, he says, "Now I'm miffed because I gave her a tip!" I almost laughed until I cried. The moral of the story is: Always check your bags yourself before you leave the drive-thru!
(By the way, that was the Sonic in Gallup, NM)

About three hours later, we arrived in Rio Rancho, NM. (home of my sister, brother in law, and niece) We were so exhausted by the time we got there and had no problems falling asleep. The next day we took Jake in to see a pediatrician, who confirmed he had pink eye. Wonderful! He wouldn't be able to play with Megan for another 24 hours, since he was contagious. We proceeded to wipe down everything he touched with disinfectant wipes. Poor little guy, he thought he had a disease! All sadness was gone though when he got to color Easter eggs.

Megan, my niece, is just too cute. She turned one the last week of March and here are a couple shots of her opening the gifts we brought her.

And here she is, trying on her new hat and sunglasses.

She is now walking, and saying "Mama, DaDa, all done, Mickey" (the dog), and makes various farm animal noises upon request, and only when she feels like it. As much as I love her,  watching her do all these milestones is sometimes a painful reminder of my little boy who should be here doing all these milestones with her.  Oh, how I wish a million times a day that he was here too!

The next day I got to spend a lot of time with Megan, since my sister had to work, and her daddy took Kris and Jake shopping. We had lots of fun together, and I took a couple pictures of her playing and eating. Here are my faves:

(I did her hair in the picture above this pic. You like? Yeah, I'm gonna have to learn how to properly part a little girl's hair if I'm going to adopt one!)

That night we ordered pizza from one of my favorite pizza places there-

Oh, yummy!!

Tune in again soon for Part 3 the finale of our New Mexico vacation--

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