Monday, April 5, 2010

Vacation Time -- PART ONE!

It's already been a year since my little niece Megan was born.  We orginally planned to travel to see her for her birthday party; but life, work, & revival meetings at church made things a little tricky for us to get away as planned.  Everything worked out fine in the end, because Jake & I got off school early on Thursday; then we had good Friday off.  So Kris took off a couple days and off we went. 

Our first day out we had lots of fun.  We stopped a lot this time, taking pictures of things we found pretty or interesting.  I love the desert scenery, so I took a couple pictures of some saguaro cactus and mountains for your viewing pleasure.  Oh how much we love Arizona!

After that we had a stretch of road with lots of big boulders on each side.  This always scares me because the boulders look like they will roll down the hill at any moment.

As we got further north, we ran into a little snow.  Jacob hasn't seen snow since he was a baby; so he was really excited to see it.  In fact, I took it one step further and got out of the truck and got him some snow to hold while in his carseat.  He loved it!

Oh yeah, and that was when I noticed the goop coming out of his eye!  Yes, my friends, Jacob had pink eye- confirmed the next morning by a pediatrician in Albuquerque.  Have you ever noticed that every time you plan a trip your kids get the craziest ailments?! It never fails!

So onward we went, having about four more hours of driving to do.  Along the way we saw some more pretty sights; as well as some pretty interesting places to use the restroom.

No,  Kris & Jake did NOT use the restroom in the tepee; they went in the building to the left of it.  Ha!
Soon after the restroom break we saw this sign; and OF COURSE I'm gonna take a picture of anything that has Grant's name on it!

After that we came to the NM state line.

After a few more hours we stopped ata Cracker Barrel for dinner- for about five minutes.  When we found out the wait was at least thirty minutes, we left and drove down the street looking for something else.  Somehow we got turned around and got on the highway going back the way we came!! So we had to turn around after we finally found the next exit.  We then found a Sonic and decided to stop there.  Normally there are no problems at Sonic; but tonight, however, we ran into a little trouble.  As I type I'm wondering how many times you have to yell into the speaker that you want APPLES instead of french fries before they finally understand it enough to actually PUT the apples into the bag???!
Tune in tomorrow to find out the answer!!

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  1. On one of our drives to Missouri to visit Brandon's parents, we have had a peanut stuck up a kids nose that we couldn't get out, it just kept going up higher and higher but finally came out after a few tries, AND our oldest got an absess on one of his teeth. We noticed that his cheek was totally swollen halfway through our trip. I originally thought he had candy or something in his cheek, but when I asked him, his mouth was empty of any food. It was crazy!!! Poor guy!
    The first part of your trip sounded like lots of fun! I love the desert, it's SO pretty...but it took me about 20 years to realize it.


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