Monday, April 12, 2010

Vacation Time---PART 3!!!

Saturday night was hair salon night, aka "girl's night".  My sister and I put the kids to bed and headed down to her salon. We put "Alvin & the Chipmunks, the Squeakuel" in the portable player and then looked through hair magazines to pick the perfect new "do" for me.  I needed a cut that would make my hair look thicker than it is; because, well, the aging process has begun- or maybe it's stress or both- well,  let's just say that God doesn't have too many hairs left to count on my head.! Within three hours, we went from this

to this-

Always a happy customer! The only thing disappointing is the fact that I can't do my sister's hair in return! Well, I could, but, it wouldn't be pretty! =)
After we goofed around at the salon we had to stop at Walmart (please note- it was now 1:00 a.m.)  We thought it would be a quick trip, but since there was only one cashier the line to check out looked like Black Friday.  We made friends with the gentleman behind us, even held onto his things so he could do a little more shopping! By this time we were pretty hungry, so we stopped in the drive thru of Mickey D's (just so happened it was located right in the Walmart plaza!) and ordered one of these-
We had to order what's called the "Mighty Kids Meal" so we could split six mcnuggets, rather than four. Who knew there was such a thing? I'd never noticed it before! We drove home, ate the food and by the time we got in bed it was around 3:00a.m.
Just in time to get a five hour nap before Sunday services!

Easter morning came pretty quickly after that; however, we were able to get ready in time for church with time to spare for the kids to check out their Easter goodies. Here is Jake with his basket:

And here is Megan in her Easter dress and purse~! We gotta teach her young, ya know!

We visited my brother in law's parents' church that morning- Celebration Baptist.  After the service was over we went outside and got our picture taken together-

That afternoon we all took a nap to recuperate from the night before; and when we got up we decided to take the kids to the park. It was Megan's first time in the swing, and she totally LOVED it! Check it out-

Is that just the cutest or what???!

And here is my little monkey-

And that, my friends, was our vacation! We came home the next day. I wish I'd had the camera out when we pulled out of the driveway- Megan was waving her little hand "bye-bye" and it was just too adorable!

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  1. Cute hair!!! Sisters are the best!I have 4 and when we all get together, you just can't beat the fun we have together!!!


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