Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day Twelve

Has it been twelve days already??? I've been TERRIBLE about posting, haven't I? I guess I'm one of those people who just can't get on here every single day. But that's ok, I think you've gotten the jist of everything, right?

Now, I haven't weighed myself tonight, but as of yesterday, I have lost 7 pounds on this diet! I can tell I look a little bit thinner as I look in the mirror. The scary thing is, I know if I'm not careful I can gain it all back again just as quick!
Kris has lost around 4 pounds; however, he hasn't weighed himself in a few days so I'm sure he's lost a little more. He is hoping to get his cholesterol levels checked in a day or two to see if this diet worked for him. I surely hope it did; because if not, I will be at a loss on what to do next. He really doesn't want to take cholesterol medicine. Any drug has harmful things in them; so we would rather stay away as much as possible.

I am so proud of Kris! He has turned down donuts, a birthday party, and a potluck dinner at work these last twelve days. He is such a meat and potato man; so this was indeed a big sacrifice for him. Now, the big question everyone wants to know- ARE WE STAYING ON THE MCDOUGALL DIET? The answer will come in the next few days. If his levels went down, then Kris wants to add fish or chicken back on an occasional basis. But for the most part, we will continue to eat this way.  Meat and Dairy should NEVER be the main source of your diet; put veggies and fruit in their place. If you find the right recipes, you hardly miss these things. Many recipes were extremely delicious; and the best part is you can eat just as much and usually MORE than when you make meat and dairy your main staple and actually LOSE weight! Bottom line, if you want to live longer and feel good- drop the milk and dairy products, folks!

Here's to your health! Thanks for following along!

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