Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Story of Us- Part 3

So last night I remembered something else-- though I cannot remember exactly what month it happened in.  I was sitting next to Kris in church one night.  I didn't have my jacket with me for whatever reason, and I was cold; so Kris offered to give me his. I put my hands in the pockets for added warmth, and there my hand rested on something hard. It felt like some sort of box shape, like maybe something that would house a...RING! The feeling of exhilaration I had was shortlived and in its place was a feeling of guilt. Oh no! If it was the ring, I had just spoiled the surprise! But maybe not...oh what should I do? Should I tell him? A million scenarios played out in my mind. And in that moment, it was time for me to go to the piano to play the invitation hymn. Imagine how hard it was for me to even concentrate on the invitation!! What if I took a quick peek during prayer? Then I would know for sure...

I decided it was best to keep quiet for now. If it was the ring, maybe he would give it to me soon and then I wouldn't have to wonder about it anymore. Turns out, it WAS the ring- he had picked it up after work and forgot it was in his pocket! (This I found out AFTER we were married.)

So the weeks went by, and as I said last night- Christmas came and went.  We were making wedding plans, but I still didn't have that ring!! Oh the suspense was killing me! Then I remembered that New Year's was almost upon us, and that maybe he was saving the proposal for then. After all, we did have a trip planned to visit his family then. I would play it cool until then.

We began our trip to NC the same way we always did-- with a quick stop to GARY's Bbque, in China Grove, NC.  The absolute BEST bbque in AMERICA, hands down.  You haven't lived till you've eaten at Gary's.

After we ate, we drove over to Kris's parent's house to spend the night. The next day, which was New Year's Eve, we drove to South Carolina to see some old college friends of Kris's. After spending the day with them, we headed back up to Charlotte for all the festivities. My stomach was in knots- I was wondering if this would be the night that we would make it all "official."

We parked somewhere downtown Charlotte, got out of the car and started walking down the streets. Would you believe we couldn't find a soda anywhere?! There were all kinds of places to get beer, but nowhere to get just a soda. But really, that was the least of my "worries". I just wanted that RING!! Just wanted that official "I am taken and I am HIS" thing. Silly girl nonsense, I know.  But hey, when you've been waiting 27 years it's a BIG deal!

That was THE longest night EVER. I thought the countdown was never going to start. By this time, I had resigned myself to thinking that maybe this WASN'T going to be the night after all...

And the countdown began...10...9...8... I'm lookin at Kris and he's not lookin any different. 7...6...5...4...sigh, this isn't the night. 3...2..1....He turns to look at me and holds up a ring and says, "Baby, will you marry me?" !!!!! (insert New Year's Fireworks here) I wanted to slap him-- but I kissed him instead!!

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  1. Haha...that's cute! Now I want some Gary's!!! LOL My sister lives in Charlotte, maybe I'll have her ship me some. :)


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