Monday, May 9, 2011

Jody's Jammin Deals Sheryl from The Cents'able Shoppin is temporarily showcasing people's shopping deals on their blogs for a little while- just to see how it goes. I haven't linked up to that yet- just haven't taken the time to do it...I may do it tonight- we'll see.

Most of you know by now that I have joined the world of couponing. And not just groceries either- I don't buy ANYTHING unless I have a coupon for it- even clothing! (occasionally there might be something we need that doesn't have a coupon- but that's the key- it has to be a DIRE need for me to buy it without a coupon)

That being said, I thought I would share a jammin deal I got on my groceries last week. There were a couple of things I wanted that the store ran out of- for those I got a raincheck. So here's what I was able to find- $216 worth for $36 ...minus ten Brut deodorant that I would have gotten for free and added to that total. (less tax) 87% savings; would have been 90% had they not been out of the deodorant!

Many items are hidden so I will try to make a list of what I bought:

1 Mission Corn tortillas
1 Mission Flour tortillas
4 jars of Ragu spaghetti sauce
3 cans of refried beans
2 bottles of bbque sauce
2 bags Tias! tortilla chips
2 bags Boulder tortilla chips
3 boxes rotini pasta
1 apple juice
1 vitamin water
1 bunch bananas
2 bags of rice
1 box of Mom's Best cereal
1 carton of So Delicious Coconut Milk
3 half gallons of Silk milk
1 eight pack of Bounty paper towels
1 12 roll of Charmin
2 packs of Ocello sponges
4 Larabars
1 bag carrots
2 bags shredded cheese
2 Freschetta pizzas
4 Nivea Body wash for women
4 Nivea Body wash for men
2  two packs of Safeguard soap
2 two packs of Ivory soap
3 boxes of Uncle Ben's rice
2 Right Guard deodorant
2 boxes Quaker chewy granola bars
A raincheck for ten FREE Brut deodarant (after coupons of course)
and a partridge in a pear tree.

Would have done even better had I had a few other certain coups I either couldn't print or find...but hey- we were quite happy with this haul!

Another step closer to raising money for our little girl's adoption...So Priceless!!  I am so thankful for Sheryl, and for my friend Shelley who helped me to find Sheryl's website.

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  1. Cool Jody! I just started in the couponing world because of the show Extreme Couponing. I just wanted to get a few good deals, like you. This is awesome! All the best to you! :) Thanks for sharing.


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